Why I created "www.SunnyHeart.xyz"

In August 2016 I had just got back from visiting a week with my oldest and best friend in Dayton Ohio who is dying a slow and painful death from cancer, and I also went back to see my first ex-wife, since I left over 35 years ago, and to tell her that I love her unconditionally and I'm sorry for whatever I did to hurt her, and to give her a big hug and tell her that I think and pray about her everyday that she is healthy, wealthy, and happy in her life. But, she would not agree to have coffee with me or even call me while I was in town, and so my goal was unfulfilled as far as she was concerned.

My dying friend gave me a necklace of Rose Quartz and I learned it is the love stone, the heart stone, and his gift inspired me to look deeper into the power of the Rose Quartz and so I decided I wanted to give Rose Quartz away to help promote love in peoples hearts. In my quest I met Heather at the local bead store when I was looking for Rose Quartz, and it was syncronicity when we discovered we had several things in common such we were both born in Vancouver B.C. and we both work on websites, and I told her my story about trying to reconnect with my ex-wife and my work with the dying, and then she offered me a big chunk of Rose Quartz as a gift, and that moved me so much that she would do that for a complete stranger after me burdening her with my issue, she inspired me to create this, my newest website to quantify the feeling I felt and to describe the meaning of love that comes from a "Sunny Heart".

Heather has a "Sunny Heart", a heart that radiates like the warmth of the Sun, and has convinced me that if you want to feel good inside & out, you need a Sunny Heart, and with a Sunny Heart you can transcend to pure love...

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